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The “Dating Service” of the Russian Market Newspaper has been available to our clients for the last seven years. During this time there were plenty of success stories: friendships, relationships, and weddings. We would like to thank all of our customers, and we would like to offer new clients to join the 'Companion' program.

The program 'Companion' includes:
  1. Membership in the "Dating Club" for one year
  2. Three publications of your classified ad (in three different issues) in Russian Market Newspaper and the Editorial Edition of the newspaper in all three States (or only in the state that of your choice) without additional fee.
  3. Replies to the "Dating" section ads that you liked for one year without additional fee.
  4. Use of our "Dating" database for one year without an additional fee.
  5. Free subscription to the Russian Market Newspaper and the Editorial Edition of the Russian Market Newspaper for one year.
The cost of the program 'Companion' for every new client is $89 per year (the price is only valid through the end of 2003.)
Please call this number for more information: (215) 673-3820 (for callers from Pennsylvania)
or this toll-free number: 1-800-991-9495 (for callers from other States)

To participate in the program, you will need:
1. Fill out the questionnaire below
2. Upload or send one to three of your best photographs (4” x 6”)
3. Bring to our office (by appointment only), or send by mail filled out questionnaire, the coupon from the newspaper, photographs, and a check or money order for $89; you could also submit the questionnaire below, upload your photographs, and send the check or money order for $89 by mail
4. Your profile will remain in our database for one year from the day of registration

The Dating Service Questionnaire

Today's Date First and Last Name Postal Address Telephone

Required Information about you (all fields need to be filled out)

Date of Birth Gender Height Weight Color of your eyes Color of your hair Marital Status (single, married, divorsed, widowed, were you ever married)Do you have any children (if yes, how many) Education Native Language Religion County and city of your permanent residence Why are you looking to meet somebody

Additional information about yourself (this information is optional)

What type of person would you like to meet What do you want in life What is your favorite type of vacation/rest What do you like in people For how many years have you been in the United States The name of the city that you came from

Zodiac Sign


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