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02/20/2020 04:27 PM
Germany shooting: Investigation into 'deeply racist' gunman's links
The suspected gunman killed nine people "of migrant background" in shisha bars on Wednesday night.

02/20/2020 04:34 PM
Roger Stone: 'Disgusted' judge jails Trump ally
The judge says Stone threatened her, but Mr Trump says he would like to see his ally exonerated.

02/20/2020 11:12 AM
UK says Russia's GRU behind massive Georgia cyber-attack
The UK Foreign Office said October's attack was designed to undermine Georgia's sovereignty.

02/20/2020 10:57 AM
Coronavirus: South Korean sect identified as hotbed
Infections are linked to one woman, as South Korea confirms its first death from the covid-19 virus.

02/19/2020 05:47 PM
Date night couple foil attempted armed robbery
Off-duty police officers Chase and Nicole McKeown were at dinner when their night took an unexpected turn.

02/20/2020 11:04 AM
Human brain seized in mail truck on US-Canada border
The item was in a mail package sent from Canada and labelled "Antique Teaching Specimen".

02/20/2020 01:51 PM
Workers found trapped in illegal tobacco factory in Spain
Twelve British nationals suspected of running the underground factory in Spain were arrested.

02/20/2020 10:29 AM
Trump criticised for appointing loyalist Grenell as acting spy chief
Critics are concerned the president has appointed a loyalist with no experience to a key cabinet role.

02/19/2020 06:38 PM
Syria civil war: How a father helps his daughter cope with life in a warzone
Abdullah and his family are living in a warzone but they've come up with a unique way to cope with air strikes.

02/20/2020 09:25 AM
Lesotho's Thomas Thabane to be charged with murdering his wife
The prime minister says he will retire in July, as police accuse him of murdering his estranged wife.

02/20/2020 04:32 PM
Two dead as Sydney to Melbourne passenger train derails
Passengers have told of being thrown around the carriages as the train derailed.

02/20/2020 04:57 AM
Fátima Aldrighett: Mexico police arrest suspects over girl's murder
A man and a woman are detained in connection with the death of seven-year-old Fátima Aldrighett.

02/20/2020 08:33 AM
Brazil senator Cid Gomes shot in stand-off with police
Cid Gomes was wounded when two shots were fired at him as he drove a digger at a police picket line.

02/20/2020 06:03 AM
Ethiopian 18th Century crown returns home from Netherlands
Former refugee Sirak Asfaw found it in a suitcase and has protected the crown for the past 21 years.

02/20/2020 05:26 PM
Germany shooting: 'It was a shock but not a surprise'
Three German Kurds talk to the BBC about the aftermath of the attack and racism in Germany.

02/20/2020 09:22 AM
Democratic debate: Elizabeth Warren's attacks light up social media
Social media users share memes about Elizabeth Warren's performance at the US Democratic debate.

02/19/2020 07:37 PM
Sinophobia: How a virus reveals the many ways China is feared
A wave of discrimination that's emerged with the coronavirus crisis shows how differently the world views China.

02/19/2020 08:50 PM
Australia weather: 'We’ve gone from hell to high water'
Australians recount the drought, dust, fire and floods of one of the most turbulent summers in memory.

02/19/2020 08:23 PM
How a stolen safe changed a burglar's life
When Matthew Hahn saw what was inside a safe he had stolen, he knew he had to do something

02/19/2020 08:19 PM
In pictures: The battle of the oranges
Once a year the citizens of the old medieval town of Ivrea gather in the main square to hurl oranges.

02/19/2020 08:25 PM
Acid attack survivor: 'There are more good people than bad'
Atsede Nguse's husband disfigured her in Ethiopia, but well-wishers have helped her recovery.

02/20/2020 07:01 PM
Germany shooting: Vigils held for victims
People gathered to remember the nine people killed in a gun attack in Hanau.

02/20/2020 07:03 PM
Soot in Nigeria's Port Harcourt endangers residents' health
Port Harcourt resident Kalio says air pollution in the Nigerian city is damaging her health.

02/19/2020 06:53 PM
Hanau: 'Several dead' after Germany mass shooting
Several people are dead following two shootings in the western German city of Hanau.

02/19/2020 07:06 PM
Coronavirus: Walking through Beijing's near-empty streets
The city is unrecognisable as people work from home and avoid going out.

02/19/2020 07:06 PM
A goalkeeper who survived the 1994 Rwanda genocide is using football to unite the country.
A Tutsi on the verge of being killed by Hutu extremists in 1994 recalls how his life was saved as those who had come to kill him realised he played for one of Rwanda’s top clubs.

02/19/2020 06:34 PM
Students protest against LGBT teachers' resignation
At Kennedy Catholic High School, crowds gathered after two recently engaged LGBT teachers left their jobs.

02/19/2020 07:25 PM
My Money: 'My husband and I have 90 minutes alone together each week'
As part of a new BBC blog series, Maura Hannon from Switzerland shares what she spent her money on this week.

02/19/2020 05:45 AM
V Unbeatable: The India dance troupe that won America's Got Talent
The Mumbai-based dance group performed with Blink 182 to win a popular American reality TV show.

02/19/2020 10:36 PM
MGM hack exposes personal data of 10.6 million guests
Celebrities including Justin Bieber were among those whose data was stolen, one report said.

02/18/2020 10:36 AM
Coronavirus: What could it mean for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo
BBC Sport assesses what steps are being taken to guard against coronavirus affecting the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

02/17/2020 05:47 AM
Israeli soldiers duped by Hamas 'fake women' phone ruse
Hamas militants hacked dozens of smartphones by posing as female admirers, Israel's military says.

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