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04/05/2020 05:28 AM
Coronavirus: Trump predicts ‘a lot of death’ as cases pass 300,000
The US president predicts "a lot of death" but suggests easing social-distancing rules for Easter.

04/05/2020 09:45 AM
Coronavirus: Second Greek migrant facility quarantined
The facility is under "full sanitary lockdown" after a resident tested positive for Coronavirus.

04/05/2020 10:41 AM
Wang Quanzhang: China releases jailed human rights lawyer
Wang Quanzhang, who was imprisoned for subversion, is freed but not allowed to see his family.

04/05/2020 11:45 AM
Pope Francis marks Holy Week in near-empty basilica
A small number of worshippers attended the mass, while observing social distancing.

04/05/2020 07:57 AM
Five shot dead in Russia for 'talking loudly'
Police say the shooter opened fire on a group of people gathered outside his house.

04/05/2020 06:23 AM
Somali outrage at rape of girls aged three and four
The two cousins were abducted as they walked home from school and now need major surgery.

04/05/2020 11:41 AM
Coronavirus: Nigerian actress Funke Akindele under fire for Lagos party amid lockdown
Funke Akindele recently appeared in a public health video to raise awareness about coronavirus.

04/05/2020 04:36 AM
Coronavirus: Australia launches criminal investigation into Ruby Princess
Passengers from the Ruby Princess disembarked in Sydney without knowing the coronavirus was on board.

04/05/2020 07:45 AM
Romans-sur-Isère: France launches terror probe after knife attack
A Sudanese refugee is in custody after shoppers were attacked in the town of Romans-sur-Isère.

04/05/2020 05:26 AM
Coronavirus: Malawi president takes 10% pay cut
Malawi was one of the last countries to record cases of coronavirus - the first were on Thursday.

04/04/2020 01:57 PM
Kobe Bryant: NBA great inducted into Naismith Hall of Fame
Kobe Bryant, who died in January, will be posthumously inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

04/04/2020 07:07 PM
Pixar pioneers behind Toy Story animation win "Nobel Prize" of computing
The men who made films like Toy Story and Finding Nemo possible spoke to the BBC about winning the Turing Award.

04/04/2020 07:29 PM
Coronavirus: Why Dutch lockdown may be a high-risk strategy
As coronavirus spreads rapidly the Dutch official stance has been criticised as cold-hearted.

04/04/2020 07:40 PM
Plagues, zombies and vampires: How Hollywood handles deadly viruses
As online audiences flock to movies like Contagion, we explore how viruses are depicted on film.

04/04/2020 07:55 PM
How a Rastafarian village gave Hollywood Peter Pan
A child actor from a small religious community in Antigua is bringing the timeless character to life.

04/04/2020 07:52 PM
Madam CJ Walker: 'An inspiration to us all'
How an African-American orphan and single mother founded a business empire - 114 years ago.

04/05/2020 08:38 AM
Coronavirus: Scientists brand 5G claims 'complete rubbish'
Claims 5G harms immune systems or spreads the virus have been condemned by the scientific community.

04/04/2020 07:49 PM
Coronavirus: Dealing with addiction while in lockdown
Support meetings for recovering addicts have been cancelled in the lockdown. Here's how one man is coping.

04/03/2020 02:46 AM
Coronavirus: Where will be the last place to catch Covid-19?
Some places are yet to record a case - but what will they do if and when it arrives?

04/03/2020 07:26 PM
Belly dancers to florists: Six African coronavirus heroes
Uplifting stories about African people doing exceptional things in the age of coronavirus.

04/03/2020 07:01 PM
Tomb Sweeping Festival: China pays 'virtual' respects to ancestors
The coronavirus outbreak has closed cemeteries across China, so people are paying respects online.

04/03/2020 08:36 AM
Coronavirus in Africa: Debunking fake news and myths around Covid-19
BBC Africa's Joice Etutu tackles myths around Covid-19 that are being shared online on the continent.

04/04/2020 04:15 AM
Coronavirus: China stops for three minutes to remember the dead
A day of remembrance is held to honour those who have died in the coronavirus outbreak.

04/03/2020 07:02 PM
Coronavirus: Russia uses facial recognition to tackle Covid-19
As Russian cities go into lockdown to try to contain coronavirus, Moscow uses the latest technology to keep track of residents.

04/03/2020 07:02 PM
Coronavirus: The challenges India faces in its battle against the virus
With cases rising and the virus hitting congested slums, the country's healthcare system is struggling.

04/03/2020 09:00 PM
Trump doesn't see face mask as necessary behind 'the great Resolute desk'
The US president said that wearing a mask was not for him, despite advice from health officials.

04/03/2020 04:56 PM
Coronavirus 'much more than a health crisis', say WHO
The social and economic consequences of the coronavirus will be profound, according to the Director General of the WHO.

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