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05/31/2020 01:13 PM
George Floyd death: Lawyer calls it 'premeditated murder'
Police struggle to stem arson, damage and looting following the death of a black man in custody.

05/30/2020 07:07 PM
George Floyd: ‘As a black American I am terrified’
After the death of George Floyd, young African-Americans in Minneapolis say they are scared for their safety.

05/31/2020 02:31 PM
Antifa: Trump says group will be designated 'terrorist organisation'
The president has blamed the anti-fascist group for riots stemming from George Floyd protests.

05/31/2020 01:23 PM
SpaceX Nasa Mission: Astronauts on historic mission enter space station
Nasa's Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken complete their 19-hour flight to the orbiting laboratory.

05/31/2020 10:33 AM
Coronavirus: Brazil now fourth-highest nation in Covid-19 deaths
Brazil records almost 1,000 deaths in a day, taking its overall number of fatalities past France.

05/31/2020 09:50 AM
Mining firm Rio Tinto sorry for destroying Aboriginal caves
The caves in Western Australia sheltered prehistoric people in the Ice Age 46,000 years ago.

05/31/2020 11:41 AM
#JusticeForUwa trends in Nigeria after student murdered in church
The hashtag #JusticeForUwa is trending after the killing of the 22-year-old woman.

05/30/2020 08:58 PM
Trump delays 'outdated' G7 leaders' summit
The US president says he is postponing this year's meeting and wants to invite other leaders as well.

05/31/2020 11:22 AM
Burkina Faso gunmen 'kill dozens' at cattle market in Kompienga
The gunmen arrived on motorbikes, shooting into the crowded market, reports say.

05/30/2020 02:21 PM
Bayern Munich 5-0 Fortuna Dusseldorf: Robert Lewandowski scores twice in rout
Robert Lewandowski scores twice against Fortuna Dusseldorf to equal his most prolific season as Bayern Munich move 10 points clear at the Bundesliga summit.

05/31/2020 08:58 AM
Coronavirus: Famous mosques reopen in Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem
Hundreds of worshippers entered mosques in Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem, as restrictions were eased.

05/30/2020 07:17 PM
In mid-Pacific with nowhere to land
A group of performers were halfway across the ocean in a 75ft boat when the pandemic erupted - leaving them with nowhere to go.

05/30/2020 02:59 PM
George Floyd: What happened in the final moments of his life
A timeline of events leading up to George Floyd's death has been revealed by authorities.

05/30/2020 07:19 PM
My Money: 'Our alternative quarantine holiday'
Alyssa Hulme from Utah in the US takes us through her weekly spending during the coronavirus pandemic.

05/30/2020 07:22 PM
Brothers' Home: South Korea's 1980s 'concentration camp'
In the 1980s, innocent children and adults were taken off South Korea's streets - and locked away.

05/30/2020 07:28 PM
Coronavirus in South Africa: Eight lessons for the rest of the continent
What South Africa can teach other African countries gearing up for a spike in infections.

05/30/2020 07:04 PM
Peru's most catastrophic natural disaster
On 31 May 1970 an earthquake struck in Peru, triggering a landslide and leading to the deaths of 70,000.

05/30/2020 07:30 PM
Coronavirus: Biden and Trump face off over China
The US president and his likely election rival have been sparring over China and the coronavirus.

05/29/2020 07:07 PM
Coronavirus: Belgian zoo comes back to life from lockdown
After two months without visitors, Pairi Daiza is welcoming the public back, but in smaller numbers.

05/28/2020 07:23 PM
Coronavirus: How Turkey took control of Covid-19 emergency
Even without imposing a total lockdown, Turkey seems to have handled the outbreak well.

05/28/2020 07:33 PM
The coronavirus conundrum when your mouth is your ‘hand’
The coronavirus pandemic becomes a different kind of challenge when you use your mouth as your ‘hands’.

05/27/2020 03:57 PM
Virus racism: 'I was so scared I bought a gun'
Covid-inspired attacks on East Asian people in the US reveal uncomfortable truths about American identity.

05/27/2020 07:17 PM
Coronavirus: How the advertising industry is changing
A large decline in advertising expenditure is hurting the sector, plus TV channels and newspapers.

05/30/2020 07:02 PM
LGBT: Covid-19 forced me back home where I'm 'unwanted'
'Emma' lost her job and had to move back to the village where she feels 'misunderstood'.

05/30/2020 03:45 PM
SpaceX launch: Nasa astronauts blast off to the International Space Station
Two astronauts launched into orbit for historic mission to the International Space Station.

05/31/2020 01:46 AM
ICYMI: Making waves and signature scents
From social distancing dinner dates to candle scents inspired by pubs, here are some stories you may have missed this week.

05/30/2020 07:05 PM
Coronavirus: The self-isolation choir with worldwide members
This weekend thousands of people will gather as an online choir to perform Handel’s Messiah.

05/30/2020 06:44 AM
George Floyd death: Clashes flare amid appeals for calm
Violence continued in US cities for a fourth night over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis.

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