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05/08/2017 09:59 PM
Facebook Fights Fake News in Britain As Elections Approach

Facebook is taking its battle against fake news to Britain ahead of general elections next month.The social network published a series of advertisements in newspapers in Britain, giving advice to its millions of users in the country on how to spot misinformation online, and also said it had removed tens of thousands of possibly fake accounts in Britain.

05/08/2017 06:08 PM
FBI Paid $900,000 to Unlock iPhone, Senator Reveals

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the FBI, said publicly that the government paid $900,000 to break into the locked iPhone of a gunman in the San Bernardino, California, shootings, even though the FBI considers the figure to be classified information. The FBI also has protected the identity of the vendor it paid to do the work.

  • Read the article: CNBC

05/08/2017 05:27 PM
FCC Reports Denial-of-Service Attack on Commenting System

After a John Oliver segment highlighted the FCC’s latest plans to roll back net neutrality rules, the agency’s comment system became unreachable, apparently due to a spike in traffic. But the FCC now says the issues were, in fact, related to orchestrated denial-of-service attacks.

05/08/2017 05:25 PM
Hackers Push Malware Via Server for ‘HandBrake’ Software

Hackers compromised a download server for a popular DVD-ripping software named HandBrake and used it to push stealthy malware that stole victims’ password keychains, password vaults, and possibly the master credentials that decrypted them, security researchers said. Over a four-day period ending Saturday, a download mirror located at download.handbrake.fr delivered a version of the video conversion software that contained a backdoor known as Proton, HandBrake developers warned.

05/08/2017 02:32 PM
Austrian Court Orders Facebook to Remove ‘Hate Speech’ Posts

Facebook must remove postings deemed as hate speech, an Austrian court has ruled, in a legal victory for campaigners who want to force social media companies to combat online “trolling.” The case — brought by Austria’s Green party over insults to its leader — has international ramifications as the court ruled the postings must be deleted across the platform and not just in Austria, a point that had been left open in an initial ruling.

05/07/2017 08:54 AM
USA Today Wants FBI to Help Fight Fake Facebook Likes

USA Today’s Facebook page is being inundated with likes from fake accounts, and its parent company, Gannett Co., has asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate. Before a purge of such accounts last month, USA Today contends that spam accounts made up a significant percentage of the publication’s followers on the social media platform.

05/06/2017 06:19 PM
German Official Accuses Russia of Political Cyber Attacks

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency accused Russian rivals of gathering large amounts of political data in cyber attacks and said it was up to the Kremlin to decide whether it wanted to put it to use ahead of Germany’s September elections. Moscow denies it has in any way been involved in cyber attacks on the German political establishment.

05/06/2017 06:04 PM
Seattle Creates Privacy Rule for Internet Service Providers

Hardly anyone was pleased by the rollback of the broadband privacy rule last month, opening up the possibility of ISPs collecting and selling your browsing data — including, as it turns out, cities whose citizens were left out in the cold. Seattle wasted no time taking matters into their own hands, and the result is a local rule that provides a few of the repealed one’s critical protections.

05/05/2017 10:23 PM
French Candidate Macron Cites ‘Massive’ Hacking Operation

On the eve of the most consequential French election in decades, the staff of the presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said on that the campaign had been targeted by a “massive and coordinated” hacking operation, one with the potential to destabilize the nation’s democracy before voters go to the polls. The hacking, which involved a dump of campaign documents, including emails and accounting records, emerged hours before a legal prohibition on campaign communications went into effect — a prohibition that makes it extremely difficult for Mr. Macron to mitigate any damaging fallout before the runoff election, in which he faces the

05/05/2017 03:15 PM
FBI Reports Surge in Cyber Wire Fraud Attempts

Attempts at cyber wire fraud globally, via emails purporting to be from trusted business associates, have surged in the last seven months of 2016, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a warning to businesses as it bid to curb such crimes. Fraudsters sought to steal some $5.3 billion through schemes known as business email compromise, the FBI said in a report released by its Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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