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History has its own judgment

Probably, at some point they are going to call our times the times of paradoxes. Or perplexities. It will be clearer for the future generations. Since the bigger things are easier to see from a distance. However, the same paradoxes today could only be missed by a blind man.
Almost 130 countries asked the UN Security Council to start an open discussion of situation with Iraq. The initiator is South African Republic which is the leading force of the opposition movement. The term “opposition movement” in itself is somewhat unclear. What is it that they are opposing against? NATO? The Warsaw Agreement? Since NATO never made it its primary goal to unite everyone under its wing, and the Warsaw Agreement no longer exists. The members of the “opposition movement” include nuclear India, Pakistan, and China, which is also a permanent member of the UN Security Council.
So why would the members of the “opposition movement” want to have a discussion about Iraq? Especially before the Security Council starts a session on the resolution, which is proposed by the United States. The letter of Kofi Annan says that “the proposed resolution on Iraq covers areas that are important for all UN members and for the future role of the United Nations in peacekeeping and safety”. It is hard to find something wrong with this statement. The words sound like they are full of care for the future of the planet. But they are not worth a dime. Since for the last half of the century, the problems were caused by the so-called “third-world countries”. After obtaining their independence, these countries have been unable to use it for the good of their people. They were in middle ages before and stayed there since.
Iraq is also a member of the “opposition movement”. If the South African Republic is so concerned with the future of Iraq, why doesn’t it have a “friendly” talk with Saddam. Last year, when the UN conference on racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism was held in the South African Republic, which survived the suppression of black people regime, the crowds of protestors have literally blocked the way of the Israeli delegation. And the countries of the “opposition movement” have all voted for the anti- Israeli resolutions. Together with the Iraqi “brothers”, which have used the most barbarian means of genocide toward the Kurds. Did the world turn upside down? In those days, particularly after the US and the Israeli delegations left the conference, the General Secretary of UN Kofi Annan looked like a science student who almost burned down a lab during an experiment.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair has lifted the curtain over the massive arsenal of Saddam Hussein. According to his data, Iraq has collected 2, 850 tons of iprit, 795 tons of zorin, 16,000 air missiles, and 110,000 chemical bombs. 19 tons of toxin botulism and around 9 tons of spores of Anthrax. Even if Blair’s data is a bit exaggerated, it is still a lot. Who are these “goodies” intended for? Baghdad’s dictator does not care about choosing a target. Let’s remember the war with Iran, and the occupation of Kuwait, which has been supported by its Arab neighbors only after the White House started to prepare an expedition to go into the region.
And still, the Security Council of UN has decided to hold an open discussion on Iraq, disregarding the fact that the resolution is not ready yet. Martin Belinga-Ebutu, who represents Cameroon, has pronounced not without pride, that the decision has been unanimous. The US tried to reschedule the meeting to the end of the week, however they did not insist on it when they realized that everyone was against the idea. The Secretary if State Colin Power has mentioned on the national radio that, “the United States will demand the resolution of the UN, in order to force Iraq to disarm.”
There is a saying, “Seven nannies cannot watch a baby”. So when 190 nations decide on the faith of one nation – no result will follow. As soon as US started exercising pressure, Iraq invited the US to send its inspectors to investigate “any objects”. And even to open the doors to all 7 castles of Saddam Hussein. In an interview for the Spiegel Magazine, the Iraqi Vice-President Taha-Yasin Ramadan said that, “the inspectors may look for the chemical weapons wherever they wish.” However Iraq is not Israel. Its territory is 435,000 square kilometers. You would not be able to find a navy vessel on a territory like that if it was buried. You don’t need inspections. If Baghdad was really honest in its intensions it would start destroying its storage of chemical and bio-chemical weapons on its own.
The UN said that George Bush does not have to wait to strike on Iraq. The Congress has given the president permission to make decisions on the use of force regarding Saddam Hussein. The White House will probably allow the “opposition movement” countries to “let out steam”. However, if the White House sees that they are trying to loose this problem in talks, an immediate reaction will follow. However much would Cuba or Sudan curse on the United States for the aggression or starting the war, the US now has a reason: the United States has been attacked. And given an opportunity, they will provide facts that Iraq has financially supported Al Queda.
A lifeless idea is like a soap bubble. The “opposition movement” countries do not offer any new ideas. They agree with China, Russia, and France that force should only be used against Iraq if it refuses to let inspectors in. Here we are again faced with a paradox. Russia, which is fighting terrorism, was ready to start a war against Georgia only a week ago, who supports the Chechen fighters, however at the same time Russia does not agree with using force against Iraq. The latest series of terror acts in Grozny have once again proven that “whoever is bigger is right”. France has gotten itself into a worse situation. The explosion of the oil tanker in the Yemen port, did not leave anything from the Jaque Shirak’s theory of “good terrorists and bad terrorists”.
The world is used to stereotypes. It has learned to digest misleading information. Everyone expects the terrorist to make political demands when they take over a plane or a ship. But they don’t. They take over planes and fly them into buildings; they blow up tanker and night clubs… Right after the events of the September 11th, I received a call from my friend in Finland. His friend in Finland, who overheard a conversation of wood-choppers in a local pub, who were blaming America for what happened. I remembered about it when I heard about an explosion in Helsinki’ suburbs that claimed lives of 8 people. I hope that the wood-choppers or their family members were not there.
Favoring the terrorists costs too much for everyone. Unfortunately we often have to pay for other people’s mistakes.
Yasser Arafat was the first to support Saddam when Iraqi tanks entered Kuwait. Who would have thought that this “mummy” would not only be brought to life but also be welcomed by the most powerful nations? Could it be that no-one is having any regrets? The Godfather of the international terrorism was feeling comfortable in the new role of the peacemaker and even received a Noble prize for his deeds. Only for changing masks.
When Arafat got used to his new role, he brought terror to a whole new level. Thanks to his efforts new word were added to the vocabulary: kufeia, shahid, antifada, etc. These words have a gravely sound to them. Nobody can call him a peacemaker now. But Europe has already a new mask for him, now he is “the reformer”. Arafat has a sixth sense. He quickly senses any changes on the other side. When George Bush stopped communicating with him, he was willing to hand over some of his power. But as soon as Colin Powell said that the United States would recognize his government if Arafat’s power would be limited, he refused the offer.
Moreover, Arafat started an offensive. He called for a boycott of the United States in the Arab world. Recently he gave an ultimatum to not build a united Palestinian state unless Israel leaves the occupied territories. Basically it’s the same old story: Arafat does not need a state. He is not used to thinking about the good of his people. He is only interested in wiping Israel off the map. Somehow the politicians overlooked this part.
…once in the past, the Nurnberg trial has denounced fascism. But some of the killers escaped the punishment. One modest person, Semen Vesenthal, who went through 4 concetration camps of Yanovish, Triplinka, Ausschwitz, and Mounthousen, took it upon himself to bring the killers to justice, not any government of any country. He tracked the nazis all over the world, and some of them even in their homeland. Carl Zimberbour who sent Ann Frank to a concentration camp, was found in Amsterdam in 1963. He spent 10 years looking for Hermina Brounsteiner, who was killing children in Maidanik. Joseph Mengel, a sadistic doctor, was found after 15 years. At last he was found in Syria, who refused to surrender him. There are still over 1,500 names on the list, these people live in America, Africa, Middle East, and the Baltic.
Semen Vesenthal gets no help from anyone. His office consists of 3 assistants, and many friends who live around the world. Hopefully, his example will enlighten many people around the world. New generation of “Semen Vesenthals” will grow who will find arab terrorists around the world. These Semen Vesenthals will make history, and not those shiraks, shredders, salans, and other short-term leaders of this world. Because history has its own judgment.

Anatoliy Gerzhgorin

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